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    Vital Waters offers our customers a wide variety of water treatment systems to fit any water challenge. We will tailor a system to create a desired product water for product production needs,or simply provide you with pure safe drinking water in your home or office. You can choose between several options and price ranges to ensure you are drinking clean safe water free of chemicals, prescription drugs, and organic contamination.

    In Kelowna and throughout the Okanagan Valley we have multiple water sources each with their own challenges.

    We are also able to evaluate your existing system and suggest changes to deal with new issues in your source water, whether you have a well or mixed municipal or private sources. If you currently have an RO system and would like it to produce a pH balanced or alkaline product water as opposed to the standard acidic RO product, we can also help you with that.

    We carry a wide range of water filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems and ultra filtration systems for drinking water, as well as water softeners, Iron/Manganese removal systems, Hydrogen Sulfide removal systems, Tannin/Humic Acid removal systems, Coliform Bacteria and E.coli removal systems, Herbicides & Pesticides removal systems , Nitrates/Chlorides & Sulfates removal systems, and systems to remove suspended solids and the objectionable tastes and odours present in our drinking water in the Kelowna area and throughout the Okanagan.

    Call us today at 250-869-0083 or drop in and see us at our 1923 Kent Road location in Kelowna to answer your questions and concerns about your water.