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    Where Do You Get Your Water From?


      It’s a question most don’t consider too closely.

    At Vital Waters, it’s all we think about. To us, water is not just water.


    Product for 18.9L and 11.4L bottles


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    The Vital Difference


     We start with a commitment to change and we finish with three grades of water clean, good and great waters. 

    Using proprietary process’s to produce stable alkaline drinking waters, we offer our customers healthy drinking waters, specifically suited to their needs. 

    Our waters come in glass bottles or BPA free plastic bottles.

    We sterilize every single bottle we use and have a water testing and sampling program, all done in-house to ensure you get the level of safety and quality you should expect from premium bottled water.


    Come down and have your Vital Waters water tasting today !

     We Offer 3 Classes Of Water

     Do you know the difference between clean water, good water and great water?

    With an understanding of water’s organic nature as the foundation of all life, we’ve created a range of waters designed to promote good health and vitality. Stop by our showroom today and have a free Vital Waters tasting, taste and feel the vital difference.

    PDF Vital Waters Brochure 


     We deliver in the Okanagan to West Kelowna, Kelowna, Peachland and Vernon. See map for coverage. If you are interested in having us deliver to your home or business please call us at 250-869-0083


    What is Vital Waters?


     The importance and benefit of vital water in our diet is rapidly gaining recognition. Boosted by the ever growing links of between acidic foods and chronic disease, the consumption of Vital water is now seen as a simple and natural way to significantly improve our health.

    What is Vital water and why is it so important to us? First it must be recognised that natural water unpolluted ground water or spring water in the environment is normally alkaline and mineralised.

    Rain water pure water collects on or in the earth’s surface where it becomes infused with naturally occurring minerals and trace elements.This water has served as a vital source of drinking water for all living creatures,