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    Vital Waters Testimonials


    Thought I would drop you a quick note in regards to some of the healthful benefits of your Vital Waters. Recently I had a blood test suggesting that my blood sugar was to high as well as a weight challenge to try and reduce. At 65 years young, when you get “that look” from your doctor, another look at diet and medication seemed imperative. Actually, for me, it

    In January 2010 Vital Waters Inc. approached me to start selling alkaline water instead of just their reverse osmosis water. I felt that water is just water and why would anyone buy more expensive alkaline water. Despite my misgivings I gave their rep Chris Collinson the go ahead to bring in alkaline water. In the following year we experienced an 18% increase in revenue in

    My family been drinking the Himalayan Plus water for two months and can report the following as fact: 1. My kids, 9 and 12, guzzle it all day long….I had to remind them constantly to drink R/O water. My wife and I drink more as well and we enjoy the taste of the water. That is why we drink 8-10 5 gal bottles per month. We don’t wash, rinse, etc. with it….we drink that much

     As a high performance athlete (5-time Ironman Canada finisher and currently training for a Mount Everest expedition), I know the benefits of choosing premium gear and equipment. Also, I understand the importance of everything I put in or on my body. It is for these reasons I have chosen Vital Waters (and Vital Organics) as part

    We have been a customer of Vital Waters for almost two months now, and although it doesn’t seem like a very long time, we have already seen positive changes in our Health. We consume only your Himalayan Plus alkaline water, and it is also the water of choice for the dogs as well. Up until changing to your water I had suffered from stomach problems and severe heart

     My daughter has suffered with a transient irregular heart beat for the last four years. We have spent a great deal of time in the emergency ward and had several trips in an ambulance when my daughter’s heart pain became severe. The doctors have monitored her heart and she has worn a monitor over several days in an attempt to pin down the problem with no success.

     My family and I started using Vital Waters water delivery shortly after my office switched to their water. As a self described water snob, I had no idea how much I didn’t know about water. Joel has satisfied my curiosity and taught me that there is healthier water out there that can truly make a difference in our health. have noticed that my family of 4 (with two small

     We proudly serve Vital Waters to our members at DiMENsions Fitness Express and offer take home bottles to  enhance their hydration throughout the day. The bottom line is their alkaline water tastes great!It is also  comforting to know that it is good for you in many ways. The health benefits of consuming this quality alkaline 

    When we moved to Kelowna, one of the first things was we were looking for water from the purest source. 7 months later we discovered Vital Waters. Perfect name for the purest water source we have seen in Kelowna. We know without a doubt that this water is a strong foundation for our healthy lifestyle. Blessings Sara & Chris