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    The Mount Everest and Seven Summits expeditions


    Vital waters is pleased to sponsor The Mount Everest and Seven Summits expeditions, and give them an unlimited supply of our premium Himalayan Plus drinking water.

    Ryan Morice wants to go down in history by going up Mount Everest without using supplementary oxygen. Not only that, but his master plan is to climb all Seven
    Summits. Not just once but twice.

    The 39-year-old Kelowna tri-athlete plans to climb Everest the world’s highest mountain (at 29,035 feet) in 2012.
    This is his big preparation year. He plans to compete in the Boise Marathon in May, then climb Mount Whitney in California (14,505 feet), the highest mountain in the contiguous U.S.

    After triathlon training during the summer months, he will head back to Colorado in September and do more of the 14,000-foot peaks.In October, he plans to head to Nepal and do a practise run to the base camp. Then, in November and December, he plans to climb Cerro Aconcagua — at 22,841 feet, the highest mountain in the South American Andes — twice.