Vital News Letter
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    Vital Waters is pleased to sponsor Big Brothers Big Sisters, and supply an unlimited amount of our Himalayan Plus water for drinking all year around thought our Trade Exchange Canada sponsorship program. Thank you for what you do in our community.

    Lisa Hobson, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters says “Vital Waters generously donates premium drinking water to our agency for our clients and staff to enjoy; Big Brothers Big Sisters served 400 children and families in 2010. Joel and the staff at Vital Waters are truly committed to providing the highest quality products and services. On behalf of all of us here at Big Brothers Big Sisters, Thank you Vital Waters for being a BIG Hero in our community!”


    The Big Brothers Big Sisters Movement

    Our purpose is to help children reach their potential and become self sufficient members of society through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships with mentors that have a measurable impact on youth. All Big Brothers Big Sisters programs are preventative in nature and seek to provide communities with a cost-effective way to serve children and youth before serious problems cause intervention costs to skyrocket.

    In the Okanagan Big Brother Big Sister programs started over 40 years ago in direct response to community needs. The benefits over the years continue to grow with the additional stress to families and demands on youth. We have identified that as of 2006 there are approximately 11,000 children in need of mentors in the Okanagan and the number continues to grow.

    Big Brother Big Sister programs match children with screened and trained volunteer Big Brother or Sisters. “Bigs” offer friendship, guidance, and fun for the child. Depending on the program the child spends time with their “Big” doing recreational activities such as playing board games, reading, arts/crafts, a variety of sports and building social skills by talking. Children who spend one on one time with a mentor gain confidence, acquire new skills and competencies, and develop and enhance capacity to care for others.

    Mentoring programs also benefit a wide group of individuals, in addition to the children who directly benefit from the friendship. The volunteers themselves, the children’s teacher’s and their parent and families also benefit when the child’s self-esteem is strengthened. Better parental relationships are associated with higher level of academic achievements and self-esteem and lower levels of delinquent behaviour.

    Research studies show that young people with mentors are:

    • More likely to graduate
    • Less likely to become involved in drugs and alcohol
    • More likely to create positive relationships throughout their lives


    The power of mentoring is remarkable and long lasting. Children need healthy relationships with adults to achieve their full potential and to negotiate the many challenges and risks they face during their school years. Mentoring helps build children’s resilience at critical points in their lives.